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STL Local Search Video Marketing

What is Video Marketing?


You know those commercials that play before videos on sites like YouTube? Yeah, we’re responsible for that. We utilize Video Marketing to help you capture the attention of your potential customers with engaging content and a strong call-to-action. Try watching a video on YouTube without first having to sit through an ad. Not having much luck, are you? Just think of all the potential customers you could reach if those ads were for your business.


Video ads ranging from 15-30 seconds are placed before videos on YouTube and Google Display Network. Need to reach a specific audience? Targeting allows us to tie your ad to videos that share your target audience or even pinpoint viewers with a history of visiting sites related to your business.


How does Video Marketing Work?


Since consumers usually have to watch at least a portion of the advertisement before getting to their intended video, that means you only have a few seconds to grab their attention. We know how to do just that with the creation of custom, captivating content. We also use both Pre-roll and Trueview video marketing services to ensure that we can work with just about any budget!

Why Video Marketing?


100 million people watch online video daily on sites like YouTube. 


The average viewer watches almost 17 minutes of video ads each month. 


Using video marketing is a perfect tool for engaging those viewers and increasing your own visibility. We can create videos for viewers to enjoy and we can target those viewers based on their web history. With video marketing, we can get your business in front of potential customers that become a stronger lead.

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