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Helping Local St. Louis Businesses



We're the exciting company with a boring name and we help St. Louis businesses compete online!

Everything from website development and maintenance to social media and search engines. If it has "www" in front of it, we'll take care of it. We have years of experience in working with national brands but the fact is that STL is our home and "Mom & Pop Shops" is where we're from. That's why we're passionate about helping local businesses dominate Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, and all of the review websites. St. Louis digital marketing can be tough but we're experts in driving leads straight to your door.  You have a great business, let us project that online!

Rule 1:  We will ALWAYS do what is best for the customer; past, present or future.  The digital marketing industry is saturated with people and companies that are full of buzzwords and promises when they are trying to get your business.  Fast forward a few months and their tune changes when it comes time to handover social media accounts or tracking data.  YOU WILL NEVER HAVE THESE ISSUES WITH STL LOCAL SEARCH.  You are the owner of the business and will be the owner of all the associated accounts.  You will have complete access and ultimate control of everything we do, build, start and create.  There are no exceptions or excuses.

Rule 2:  We work remotely.  We might work from the road one day and an office the next but we have no days off.  As long as the internet is on, we're on the clock.


Sure, there will be times that aren't the most convenient (we have families too) but the good news is that we have voicemail and email.  We will always get back with you as soon as possible because we understand that business owners don't have regular business hours and it's your reputation and livelihood on the line. 

We understand; we're business owners too!


"STL Local Search has been able to take all of the various outlets we use and make them work together very well.  Their abilities are unbelievable and I highly recommend them."  
-Brad Francis of Certified Performance & Auto Repair
Moscow Mills, MO. 


The Internet is a big place and there are tons of options when it comes to making yourself visible online.  We are the one stop digital shop that makes it easy for people to not only find you online, but buy from you as well.  Click below to see a list of our most popular digital offerings. 


Our clients are everyday small business owners just like yourself.  Good people who are trying to build a living around their passion.  We're inspired by the dedication and determination that owner/operators put in day after day.  These "sweat equity" titans are our type of people!


Your business is like no other.  Your marketing should be just as unique.  Using a cookiecutter approach is going to get you the same results everyone else is getting, and that isn't much.  Let us help you design a plan that will not only get you noticed, but shopped as well.


St. Louis Digital Marketing

Proudly operating in (and all around) beautiful St. Louis, MO!

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